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How to treat vaginitis with Chinese herbs
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In traditional Chinese medicine, the infectious diseases of women’s reproductive system are discussed and treated under the categories of genital itching and leukorrhoea. The etiology and pathology of genital itching and leukorrhea dysfunction of Liver, Kidney and Spleen. In Chinese medicine pathology, Liver meridian surrounds the reproductive system and stores the Blood. The Kidney meridian controls the reproduction and opens to the anus and genitals. The Spleen is responsible for regulating the fluid metabolism through the absorption and transportation of body fluids and the removal of excessive water. 

Chinese medicine pathology believes that Liver Stagnation or Spleen deficiency produces Damp Heat, Damp Heat moves downward and accumulated around the reproductive system. Chinese medicine pathology also claims that the Liver or Kidney deficiency results in Blood deficiency, which turns to skin dryness in the genital area. The nutrients could not supply the genital area. In both cases, itching in the genital area, abnormal vaginal discharge, or ruptured abscesses in severe cases results. Two patterns, Damp Heat Pattern and Chronic Deficiency Pattern, are universally discussed and treated for reproductive system infections in Chinese medicine gynecology. The key differences between these two pattern are excessive vs. deficient, and acute vs. chronic. To learn more information, please read Causes of Leukorrhagia in TCM. 
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