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Knee arthritis
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Arthritis of the knee joint is one of the most common causes of knee pain. There are different types of arthritis that can affect the knee joint, and the treatments may vary depending on the condition that is causing the symptoms. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of knee arthritis. Also called wear-and-tear arthritis or degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive wearing away of the cartilage in the joint.

As the protective cartilage is worn away, bone is exposed, the knee becomes swollen and painful, and activities become increasingly painful. Knee arthritis typically affects patients as they get older. Symptoms are more common in patients who are overweight, and weight loss tends to reduce the severity of pain associated with knee arthritis. There is also a genetic component, meaning knee arthritis can be passed down within a family. Other factors that can contribute to developing knee arthritis include injuries to the knee, torn cartilage, and fractures to the bone around the joint. Continue to read Degenerative Arthritis in TCM. 

TCM Treatment for knee arthritis    
1) Body acupuncture 
Prescription: Xiyan (EX-LE 5), Heding (EX-LE 2), Xiyangguan (GB 33), Yanglingquan (GB 34) and Ashi acupoints.
Modification:  For evident swelling and pain, Liangqiu (ST 34), Xuehai (SP 10) and Yinlingquan (SP 9) are added; for aching and weakness of the waist as well as dizziness and tinnitus, Ganshu (BL 18), Shenshu (BL 23), Zusanli (ST 36) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6) are added.
Performance: The proximal acupoints are needled with reducing needling technique. Ganshu ( BL 18 ), Shenshu (BL 23) and Zusanli (ST 36) are needled with reinforcing needling technique. Moxibustion can be used and cupping is applied for reinforcement of the curative effect.

2) Ear acupuncture
Prescription: Knee (AH4), Kidney (C010) and Ear Shenmen (TF4).  
Performance. Medium and strong stimulation, retention of the needles for 20 - 30 minutes. Or Wangbuliuxingzi (Semen Vaccariae) is used for ear acupressure.
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