Mulberry Leaf Is Aimed Chiefly at Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes mellitus is a non -transmissible chronic disease of many causes. It can lead to some infections, cardiac and cerebrovascular pathological changes, renal failure, blindness, lower-limb gangrene, etc. and has become a main cause of mortality or disablement, bringing to the patient enormous psychological and spiritual oppression and bodily suffering.

mulberry leaf is aimed chiefly at diabetes mellitus

Taking into consideration the present situation that the number of patients of diabetes mellitus is increasing rapidly, that the Western medicines are limited in effectiveness, with toxic and side effects, and generally show loss of effectiveness after longtime use and that the means for preventing and treating complications of the disease are lacking, Chinese medical and pharmacological research and development institutes made a comprehensive study and analysis of the chemical ingredients of mulberry leaves and ascertained the material basis of the well-known suitability of these leaves for hypoglycemic use.

Mulberry-leaf is aimed chiefly at performing the function of inhibiting the postprandial rise of blood sugar. It can additionally prolong the acting time of human insulin and thereby lighten the burden on the pancreas, revive the pancreatic islet cells for the regular performance of their function, and stimulate them to secrete insulin. The alkaloid, polysaccharide and flavone in mulberry leaves are used in diabetes product as the three main ingredients for treating diabetes mellitus, and they act in unison and bring into full play their hypoglycemic capability with the result that the efficacy of lowering blood sugar is brought up to the full extent.

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