Soothing a sore throat with Chinese herbs

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Sore throat is a disease that occurs quite commonly. It affects the region around the tonsils or pharynx, where discomforts and dryness can bring about soreness. Sore throat is a very frequent symptom of the flu or cold. Usually, throat discomfort is the first indication that you are getting sick from pathogens. In certain occasions, your sore throat may persist.

Sore throat, much like cough, is a disease brought about by internal functional imbalances or external pathogens, usually associated with pent up body heat. A sore throat is generated by external pathogens if it always causes an acute attack. Sneezing, headache, an aversion to cold and fever are also observed.  If it’s caused by internal functional imbalances, the sore throat then manifests as chronic and can be connected with various symptoms depending on its underlying problems.

In traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, it is important to carefully scrutinize the difference between the root causes and the associated symptoms in order to resolve the condition successfully. If you experience sore throat symptoms that persist then you need to see a doctor.

Relieving a Sore Throat
TCM’s aim in treating sore throat is to replenish yin, clear internal heat and relieve pain. Chinese massage and acupuncture can also provide rapid relief to sore throats by utilizing pressure on strategic acupuncture points and/or affected parts of the body.

Certain Chinese herbal remedies like Chrysanthemum (Juhua), Blackberrylily Rhizome (Shegan), Cicada Slough (Chantui), Momormica Fruit (Luohanguo) and Peppermint (Bohe) are quite potent in relieving sore throat discomfort.

Soothing a Sore Throat
Some Chinese herbs that can relieve sore throat, fever and cold symptoms include classical remedies such as Yinqiaosan Fever Relief Granules and Ganluyin Heat Expulsion Granules among others.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat
Drink lots of warm water everyday to minimize the pain and maintain the moistness of your throat. One good substance to soothe the discomfort is honey. Herbal lozenges or herbal tea with specific instructions are also helpful if taken appropriately.

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