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When you experience pain on your lower back when you bend and the pain goes down to your legs, chances are you are experiencing sciatica. Sciatica is the manifestation of pain resulting from the irritation and pinching of the sciatic nerve.
The International Headache Society has identified five complications that can ensue resulting from migraine headaches. These five complications are migraine seizures, migrainous infarction, persisent aura without infarction, status migrainosus and chronic migraine.
Medical researchers have not really been able to pinpoint the true cause of colitis; they have, however, five consensual theories about what causes it.
The skin’s natural cycle that becomes speeded up eventually leads to the development of dandruff. The acceleration causes the accumulation of dead skin of the scalp that appears as patches on the scalp coming away into the hair. This results in skin flaking on the scalp that we know as dandruff.
No one knows exactly what causes eczema. Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema. Although it resembles an allergic reaction, eczema is not brought about by allergies and it strikes children more than adults.
The lowering of stress in the body is one of the key things to remember in dealing daily with ulcerative colitis and other IBD symptoms. The following tips can help you deal with colitis and make you feel stronger physically and emotionally.
A migraine attack can be so severe that it can incapacitate the sufferer and make him live a poor quality of life. Fortunately there are ways to help the sufferer cope with this painful condition. Medicines, alternative therapies and relaxation techniques can lessen the occurrence of your migraines and make them more manageable.
A skin condition that causes the scalp to produce flakes of skin is termed dandruff. The word dandruff is highly likely to come from two words: “dand” (origin unknown) and “huff” of “hurf” which is an East Anglian word that means “scab” which is related to the Old Norse word “hrufa” that also means “scab”.
Sound techniques to prevent insomnia like stopping bad habits, learning how to control stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can all play important roles in promoting a good night’s sleep. To combat insomnia and promote relaxation, heed the following advices.
Because the real cause of colitis is not known, no real exact diagnostic test for it exists although barium x-rays, biopsy and endoscopy can most of the time provide an accurate diagnosis. Endoscopic, lab and physical exams as well as the patient’s medical history are tools the doctor uses to diagnose ulcerative colitis.
The dangerous thing about high blood pressure is that it has no discernable symptoms and that the condition can lead to fatal consequences eventually. High blood pressure happens when the blood vessels become rigid and become constricted creating more pressure on the heart to pump blood more vigorously throughout the body.
Since caffeine is a stimulant, taking in too much of this substance can increase the rhythm of the heart. Certain individuals have different degrees of sensitivity to caffeine and if you are the one who experiences palpitations from the intake of stimulants, then you need to cut down your intake of fizzy drinks, tea and coffee containing caffeine.
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