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Historically, the greatest strides in medicine have tended to occur during periods of strife and war. The codification of the knowledge and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) evolved from the socialist and naturalist philosophies of Confucianism and Taoism as a tempering reaction to a prolonged period of feudal strife called the Warring States.
When we are sick we go to the doctor, right? Have you ever thought of seeking advice and guidance somewhere else? In America, the use of herbs is significantly overshadowed by dependence on modern medicine. Big Pharma and pill-pushing doctors have made us believe we need those drugs to cure our symptoms and diseases.
Curcumin was also known to suppress the influenza-A virus in a number of studies. Researchers at the Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health at the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan found that the turmeric compound interfered with the virus’ haemagglutination activity by blocking its ability to bind with red blood cells in patients.
Not only are strawberries a delicious fruit, they could also be a cancer-fighting food in the future. Thanks to the efforts of Latin American and European researchers, the potency of strawberries against breast cancer among mice has been established.
Blackberry – These antioxidant-rich berries were commonly used by the Cherokee people to treat an upset stomach. Blackberry tea is used to relieve swollen tissue and joints, and treat diarrhea. Blackberry root mixed with honey or maple syrup is a potent, all-natural cough syrup.
Has someone at the Wall Street Journal been following Natural News? It sure seems like it, as the paper recently published a piece on a topic that the mainstream media usually ignores: The power of nature and the difficulties often encountered by those who want to bring products with natural ingredients to the masses.
Genetic engineers found a way to make food crops grow fragments of RNA that they can use bioweapon-style to interfere with the physiological properties of any species eating the food. For example, it can cause corn to grow characteristics that will kill pests when they eat it so pesticides won’t be needed at all.
A team of researchers from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in China studied whether the active components — aconitine, liquiritin, and glycyrrhetinic acid — found in Radix aconiti carmichaeli and licorice could lead to the regulation of intracellular calcium homeostasis and calcium cycling, which could affirm their therapeutic properties.
The liver is a very important organ that is, unfortunately, vulnerable to various toxic agents and harmful elements. Among these are drugs like paracetamol that, when taken in doses that exceed what’s recommended, can stress out or even damage the liver.
Migraines and headaches are two of the most common pains that people experience. If you want to relieve your headache or migraine, apply acupressure on the following regions listed below.
The efficacy of Chinese versus western medicine has been a subject of debate for years. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) banks on plant roots, fruits and herbs to cure illnesses. Western medicine, on other hand, consists of lab-synthesized chemical drugs.
Medicinal mushrooms are some of the most dynamic and healing plants on the planet. Although not particularly high in any one vitamin or mineral, they possess a wide array of life promoting nutrients and other beneficial compounds that have truly remarkable healing properties.
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