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News of Diseases in TCM
Genital herpes may not be a life threatening condition; nevertheless, the infection causes excruciating pain. If not untreated, the virus can infect other body parts such as the skin, fingers, and eyes, and in a few cases, even the internal organs and the brain.
Unlike adherents of TCM, Western medicine researchers wouldn’t go into studies that deal with esoteric traditions and astrology. Among TCM practitioners, integrating the Chinese astrology study of ZWDS (Zi Wei Dou Shu) and like Bazi (4 Pillars) is essential in maintaining a person’s good health.
In traditional Chinese medicine, hypertension is similar to vertigo and dizziness. Hypertension is often believed to be the result of various factors such as stress, diet, constitutional deficiencies, and emotional factors that lead to imbalance in kidney, spleen, liver, and yin and yang.
Besides being both safe and great forms of treatments, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can also save you money. A lot of people have a misperception about alternative medicine. They think that this form of healthcare is costly when compared to Western conventional medicine.
Insomnia, from a Chinese medicine standpoint, is caused by excessive underlying elements and conditions in the body the most common of which are heart fire, liver fire, and food stagnation. Insomnia can also be a manifestation of other deficiencies in the body including blood deficiency, heart yin deficiency, and qi deficiency.
For those who have ever experienced acupuncture treatment or some type of traditional Chinese medicine technique, or are planning to go, as a patient, they may wonder what the healer is doing with their pulse. Pulse diagnosis is an important tool in the practice of a healer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
PMS is a condition involving discomfort that arises just before the onset of the menstruation, at the end of the monthly cycle. PM usually develops in the 5-11 days leading up to menstruation. Constipation and other changes in bowel function, food cravings, edema (retention of water), weight gain, breast tenderness, depression, irritability, and moodiness are some of its symptoms.
Infertility is known as the inability of a couple to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Only around 10% of affected individuals seek medical help due to an unawareness of availability of treatments. This work will talk about the traditional Chinese medicine concept of “cold” in the treatment of infertility.
Fall is the time of year when a lot of people catch a cold. This relates to traditional Chinese medicine theory that sees each of the body’s organ system as corresponding to a specific season; and autumn, fortuitously, just happens to correspond to the Lung system.
The common question asked by many when talking about Chinese cuisine is whether or not it is possible to create a healthy diet based on Chinese food. Yes, is the obvious answer to that question. In truth, the Chinese people are extremely health-conscious and the kinds of food they eat are usually quite nourishing.
Most of us often think of acupuncture when we think about Chinese medicine, but the fact is, herbal medicine is as important or even more important in Chinese medicine. The idea behind herbal medicine is that each herb has a number of different effects on the body through the organ or organs it affects, its actions, and its innate temperature.
In Traditional Chinese medicine, we are offered a solution for external injuries in the form of a liniment called Dit-Da jow. This embrocation has a viscosity that’s less than cream or ointment but similar to lotions. The main difference between liniment and ointment is that liniment is rubbed rapidly so much so that its ingredients penetrate deep inside while ointment is merely applied on the skin surface.
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