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TCM Improves Vertigo and Fatigue
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Manifestations vary according to the different affected locations. However,  all badkan disorders have general manifestations as follows:
Vertigo, lassitude, loss of appetite, stagnant digestive function, lack of body heat leading to an inclination towards warmth and heat ,and ,aversion to cold edema in both eyes, pale and grayish tongue, gum and buccal mucous membrane running nose, profuse sputum and saliva, abdominal distension and diarrhea with undigested food and mucus, drowsiness and frequent sleeping, difficulty in moving the joints, and a sunken weak pulse. Badkan disorders always occur in a rainy season, or in the moming and evening within a single day after a meal. The condition can be mitigated when taking warm and heated foods and staying in a warm shelter; conversely, staying in a cold, wet place  can aggravate the condition and the badkan pathogen can invade various sites, resulting in different specific manifestations.

Badkan stagnant in the epigastric region: mostly caused by accumulation of excessive mucus and phlegm as a result of poor digestion. Manifestations include a foreign body felt in the epigastric region, but nothing can be palpated there. Due to indigestion, if food is taken reluctantly, the heavy and stuffy sensation is aggravated, but is alleviated when the person is hungry.

Iron-filth badkan disease: due to increase of mucus, entwined with undigested food and precipitated in the stomach wall just like rust on iron. Due  to dim stomach fire (function), patients frequently belch and suffer heartburn, 10ss of appetite, lassitude, emaciation, and frequent vomiting with gastric mucus and undigested food.Dim stomach-fire badkan: mostly due to overeating of cold-cool food,  catching cold due to thin clothes, or always working in water. The body is always cool with insufficient calorie, indigestion, abdominal distension and borborygmus, diarrhea with undigested food, belching, burning heart, emaciation.  Lumps may be formed in protracted condition.

Pharyngeal-laryngeal badkan: due to obstruction of badkan in the throat,  causing accumulation of cold phlegm in the stomach, just like sticky butter that  adheres to the chum wall and is very hard to remove. By then, the patient feels something stagnant in the throat and has difficulty in swallowing, eventually  Ieading to vomiting whenever one eats, but nothing can be swallowed. The condition is critical.
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