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Ways to beat spring sleepiness
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While the rest of the world is waking up as the weather turns warm, our bodies may not respond the same way. Many of us may share the same feeling of inexplicable drowsiness as we embrace spring, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a term for it: chunkun, "spring sleepiness".

Although spring sleepiness is not an illness, the following tips might be essential for those who really need to stay awake.

1. Don't sleep more, exercise more
Eight hours of sleep is usually enough for adults. Getting longer sleep may reduce activity in the cerebral cortex, making people sleepier. Instead, slightly increase the level of your physical activity, which will help to send more oxygen to the brain, making us feel awake and energetic. Aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming and rope skipping, are recommended.

2. Fight back with caffeine but do not overdose
A cup of coffee or tea that contains a good amount of caffeine is good for the health, and is important to keep us alert for important occasions, such a crucial meeting. However, too much coffee may cause an accelerated heartbeat, anxiety and other symptoms that may be linked to heart problems. Click here to learn Regulating the daily life in TCM in spring.

3. More protein and fruits, and less greasy foods
Modern research finds that sleepiness in spring is usually accompanied by insufficient protein, vitamins and an imbalance of internal acid. To feel light and alert, eat more food that is high in protein, such as salmon and eggs; rich in vitamins, such as citrus and lemon and alkaline foods, such as fresh vegetables. Greasy foods and alcohol will have the reverse effect.

4. Splash cold water on your face
If a cup of coffee doesn't keep you awake long enough, try splashing cold water on your face, which is always refreshing. Also try brushing your teeth with mint-scented toothpaste, or use mouthwash. Click here to learn Regulating emotions in TCM in spring.

5. Get some fresh air
Make sure that air flows properly in your office and bedroom. Bad air flow will lead to insufficient oxygen, which will affect the brain's performance. Also go outdoors to get close to nature. Click here to learn Regulating the diet">Regulating the diet in TCM in spring.

6. Drink enough water
Try to always have a bottle of water next to you, as it can help to eliminate accumulated toxins and help to fight spring fatigue. You can also add slices of lemon to ginger it up and make it vitamin-rich.

7. Find the natural scent that awakes you
Smelling an aromatic oil, plant or herb is one way to wake up our senses. Try placing a pot of fresh mint or basil on your office desk, or apply some pungent feng you jing, a special medicated oil used to relieve headaches and minor aches. Click here to learn Physical training in TCM in spring.
Article source: China Daily

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