Hawthorn helps relieve indigestion problems and treat high blood pressure

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RED hawthorns are an effective herb in TCM that helps relieve indigestion problems and treat high blood pressure.

According to the legend, hawthorn was discovered by famous herbalist Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with the help of a 7-year-old boy. The boy always had a yellow complexion (not a healthy color in TCM) and had a big stomach. Since he played and ate normally, his parents didn't seem concerned.

Yet Li later found that the boy had a better color in the face. The mother said her son ate a lot of wild fruits on the hill near his aunt's house, coughed up a lot of phlegm and got better gradually afterwards.

Li asked the boy to lead him to the fruit tree. He found the hawthorns that cured the boy's indigestion problem.

hawthorn helps relieve indigestion problems and treat high blood pressure

Hawthorn is a mildly "warm" herb that helps relieve indigestion, improve appetite, activate circulation, dissolve phlegm and boost energy. It is traditionally prescribed for children with digestive problems and new mothers to clear waste fluid after delivering the baby. But it should not be used by pregnant women as it may cause a miscarriage.

Modern research also found it effective in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and softening blood vessels. It can also help promote urination to get rid of waste.

Hawthorn fungus dessert

Benefits: helps reinforce kidney, good for skin, improve digestion and boost circulation.

Cook 50g hawthorn, 30g white fungus, 30g fungus and water with middle heat for 20 minutes.

Add honey and rock sugar to sweeten.

Hawthorn and lotus leaf tea

Benefits: helps relieve High Blood Pressure, headaches and thirstiness.

Cook decoction with 25g dried hawthorn, 25g fresh lotus leaves and water.

Drink often as tea.

Hawthorn and chrysanthemum tea

Benefits: reduces blood fat and boosts circulation.

Cook decoction with 10g dried hawthorn, 10g dried Flos Chrysanthemi (Juhua), 15g Semen Cassiae (Juemingzi)">Semen Cassiae (Juemingzi)  and water. Drink often as tea.

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