Inherit TCM to enhance service power of basic medical institutions

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Zhang Zhilong is a NPC deputy and the vice president of the Tianjin Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The report of the 19th Party Congress and the government work report of the 2018 two sessions emphasized the importance of traditional Chinese medicine and its development should be supported. Zhang thinks that the State should strengthen the cultivation of talents. China has formulated policies for inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

The standardized training is designed to make students know, pay attention to and voluntarily integrate traditional Chinese medicine into their practices and lives. Inheritance is a characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine. Young doctors will be the important foundation of traditional Chinese medicine's development.

The "Belt and Road" has brought opportunities for traditional Chinese medicine's development, and countries along the Belt and Road have established Chinese Medicine Clinics.

Zhang thinks that the development of traditional Chinese medicine overseas should have a common support plan, and an institutional guarantee of traditional Chinese medicine's development should be formulated. The training for talents who go abroad also should be complete, including exposure to local languages and customs.

Service practices in basic medical institutions should be changed. The institutions should share resources and experts with first class hospitals, and should optimize the medical resources to suit demands.

To strengthen construction of medical informatization so that medical resources could be more easily shared, big data medical centers should be established in big cities to upload and download patients medical data; something that will lead to better medical treatment. Informatization will also solve the problems of the shortage of doctors and medicine in remote areas and improve medical levels.

Zhang suggests that policies of basic medical institutions should be formulated. The limits of medical insurance in basic medical institutions should also be raised so patients have enough money to buy their medicines.

Zhang also thinks that the management of organizations should be enforced to stimulate medical workers' innovation ability and improve the service level. Regular training could also help basic medical workers be more capable and knowledgeable.

Extracted from chinadaily

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