TCM Energy Healing Techniques Help Overcome Stress And Illnesses

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A break from life is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and to release stress. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki, EFT, and Feng Shui are the healing techniques of the future. The life that is found everywhere in nature is imbued with energy. Here are some the secrets that can help you draw into their energy and yours to boost your stamina and health.

Reiki is a stress relieving technique that helps replenish or maintain your universal life energy. It is an excellent way to manage stress and can be used to balance your emotional and physical body. Reiki attunement is usually compared to adjusting an old radio tuner. You hear static from the radio as you turn the knob to your desired station. Practitioners acquiring attunement tend to experience euphoria and relaxation as the smooth energy flow in their body is increased and enhanced.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique can clear out the negative emotion that can impede the circulation of energy in your body. By utilizing the points that are associated with the energy channels of your body, negative emotions are released and the flow of energy courses through the body unhindered by any blockages. People who have tried EFT feel a tingling sensation as energy in their bodies is released.

When we are children, we would spend hours in quiet contemplation and may retreat in nature and feel the energy flowing in birds, animals and plants. But by being quiet, how then can nature teach you about energy especially about medicinal energy like Feng Shui? How is this energy associated with your health? Feng Shui is about how the energy of your environment affects your body and life how it is the energy of your environment itself. If this energy is peaceful and balanced, your health by affected positively. And, conversely, if you environment like your workplace or home lacks order and cluttered, it can drain your body and life of energy.

Take a break from your everyday routine to tap into your energy and see what is blocking the flow of energy in your body and what is out of balance. If you seem stuck and may not be able to "feel" your energy you probably require professional help. If you are interested in Reiki, EFT, or Feng Shui medicine, you need to find a qualified practitioner of these energy healing techniques.

You may be wondering what kind Energy Medicine techniques you should try first? This will be based on what kind of issue you are experiencing in life. Reiki and EFT are two of the three techniques mentioned above that are perhaps the easiest to learn and practice. You may find a number of good books for these two energy healing methods which may help you understand them better. You may be able to find easy to use techniques to balance and heal your environment, and sooner or later master the art of energy medicine. To improve your health and to master your emotions, energy healing is one of the most important tools you can avail of.

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