My dreams to be a mother comes true!
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According to the suggestion of my infertility doctor that Chinese herbal treatment is a big plus for the infertility, I tried to get helps from Dr. Wen at TCM WINDOW. First, I was still kind of wondering that I should combine the hormone drugs with acupuncture treatment or just tried only herb treatment. Thinking back the bad experiences with drugs and I truly believed the natural way, finally I decided to try only the natural herb to help my pregnancy.

Dr Wen watched my tongue coating and palm contions closely (I was asked to send picture of tongue and palm for diagnosis), After a TCM individulized diagnosis, I was recommended to take herbal prescrition.  Advice me the helpful diet and the other details to watch, I felt wonderful and great with her treatment. No bad side effects, I felt comfortable and confident with the herbs. I can tell Dr. Wen is very knowledgeable and professional for the field. Within only four months, guess what? I pregnant.  I could not believe it.  Really even now I am still in shock. I was extremely happy and excited, and I could not wait to tell her the good news. I highly recommend Dr Wen to help you make your dreams come true! 
One of our clients from Boston, Massachusetts 
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