My skin is like it was when I was a teenager
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I had beautiful skin as a teenager, and thought that I had got away with it when I saw how much my friends suffered with spots. But when I was 32 it was my turn. I started getting horrible painful spots on my chin and neck. My GP gave me antibiotics, which I took for about a year. They had no effect at all. Then he put me on the pill, which did help a bit, but I still kept getting spots. After a few years of this I just got more and more depressed until a friend told me about Dr. Zhang. 

I began to talk with him through internet. I felt confident in his treatment right from the beginning. I had to drink this horrible liqued every day, and put a smelly brown paste on my face every evening. To my utter delight, gradually but surley my skin improved and improved and improved. Now about 6 months after I stared the treatment, I can honestly say that my skin is like it was when I was a teenager (apart from the wrinkles that is). I can't thank Dr. Zhang enough, he is amazing.
One of our clients from Los Angeles, California
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