Constipation, indigestion treated with Chinese herbal prescription
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Moisten the intestines and relax the bowels

Constipation, indigestion, dryness-heat in large intestine.

Radix Rehmanniae (Shengdihuang) 120 g,
Semen Persicae (Taoren) 30 g,
Fructus Cannabis (Huomaren) 30 g,
Semen Pruni (Yuliren) 9 g,
Semen Biotae (Baiziren) 15 g,
Herba Cistanchis (Roucongrong) 30 g,
Citrus aurantium (Chenpi) 120 g,
Zhi Da Huang 30 g,
Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Danggui) 30 g,
Song Zi Ren 9 g.

Ma Zi Ren, Bai Zi Ren, Yu Li Ren, Tao Ren and Song Zi Ren: Moistening the lung and

lubricating the intestine.

Chen Pi: Regulating the flow of qi and relieving stagnation.

Da Huang: Removing blood stasis through invigorating blood circulation and purgating,

clearing away heat from blood.

Dang Gui: Tonifying blood and activating blood, alleviating pain.

Cong Rong: Tonifying kidney yang, supplementing essence and blood, moistening

intestines to smooth stool.

Sheng Di: Clearing heat and cooling blood, stopping bleeding, nourishing yin.

It is contraindicated to pregnant women.

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