Peptic ulcer with bleeding treated with Chinese herbal prescription
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Soothe the liver, purge fire and clear heat, resolve blood stasis and stop bleeding.

Peptic ulcer with hematorrhea.

Raw Da Huang 10 g,
Cortex Radicis (Mudanpi) 10 g,
Zong Lv Tan 10 g,
Halloysitum Rubrum (Chishizhi)">Halloysitum Rubrum (Chishizhi) 10 g,
Wu Zei Gu 10 g,
Radix Paeoniae Alba (Baishaoyao) 20 g,
Gardenia florida (Shanzhizi) 12 g,
Radix Sanguisorbae (Diyu) 15 g,
Rhizoma Bletillae (Baiji) 15 g,

Da Huang: Being bitter in flavor and cold in nature, purging fire and relaxing the


Bai Shao: Soothing the liver and tonifying blood.

Bai Ji and Di Yu: Cooling blood to stop bleeding, resolving swelling and promoting

tissue regernation.

Zong Lv Tan and Chi Shi Zhi: Astringing to stop bleeding, promoting tissue

regeneration and healing wound.

Wu Zei Gu and Zhi Zi: Purging fire and relieving restlessness, clearing heat and

eliminating dampness.

Dan Pi: Cooling blood, activating blood and dissipating blood stasis.

Gan Jiang: Warming the spleen and stomach, dispelling cold, arresting haematemesis.

Decoct in water for oral dose to be taken at short intervals.

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