Multiple abscess treated with Chinese herbal prescription
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Removing toxins, subduing swelling, resolving phlegm, dispelling masses, promoting the circulation of blood to eliminate blood stasis.

Breast carcinoma, swelling of a lymph node in the groin caused by veneral diseases, scrofula, subcutaneous nodule, multiple abscess, pulmonary abscess and small intestinal abscess, all due to accumulation of fire, phlegm and heat-toxin, marked by local large and small swollen masses as hard as stone and difficult to heal after festering, emaciation, or diffusing swollen pain, normal skin, etc.

Xi Huang (Calculus Bovis) 3 g,
She Xiang (Moschus) 15 g,
Ru Xiang (Resina Olibani) 100 g,
Mo Yao (Myrrha) 100 g,
Huang Mi Fan (cooked glutinous millet) 100 g.

Niu Huang: The principal drug, being sweet and bitter in flavor and cold in nature, clearing away heat and toxic material, eliminating phlegm and dispelling masses.

She Xiang: Being pungent in taste and disperse in nature, not only promoting the circulation of blood and dispelling masses but also clearing and activating the channels and collaterals.

Ru Xiang and Mo Yao: Promoting the circulation of blood to remove blood stasis, subduing swelling and relieving pain.

Huang Mi Fan: Regulating and nourishing the stomach-Qi.

The first four ingredients are removed of oil and ground into fine powder. The powder and Huang Mi Fan are mixed together and pounded into pills. 9 g of the pills is taken each time, 3 times daily.

Prolonged use of this prescription is not suggested and pregnant women are not allowed to taken it, for most of the drugs in it are pungent in flavor and disperse in nature.

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