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As a state-owned and a big hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, we have collected herbal medicines for nearly all the diseases. We use only natural traditional Chinese medicnes proved by SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration). All our herbal medicines contain no animals, fillers, additives, dyes, or shortcuts. We start with the very best herbs to bring you a finished product of unsurpassed quality. Following is the introduction to some of our main products specific for the treatment of commonly-encountered diseases or symptoms.
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Diseases, Symptoms,  tcm, [tcmwindow.com]

Benefits of Chinese Herbs

According to Chinese beliefs, each person has a particular energy and similarly, there is certain energy in every herb. When these energies match it helps to restore a person’s health. Herbs are given to individuals depending upon their Qi and Blood energy. The energy of Chinese herbs has been observed by skilled Buddhist and Chinese physicians over the ages. These physicians take a single substance and through Qigong and meditation, would feel the energy of the substances. Thus the herbs are classified into the different energy zones by the physicians.

Each herb is essentially a collection of many individuals tailored for individual patients. The physicians, in general design a remedy using the main ingredients for the illness but supplement it with many other herbs just to maintain the correct energy levels and cancel out any side-effects for the particular individual .Henceforth, unlike in the West, the balance of all the ingredients is given ample importance. Another feature adding to its advantage is that in TCM treatment of each patient is as an individual.

Although the number of Chinese herbs and their advantages are countless, some of the popular herbs not only cure illnesses but also play a major role in the normal well being of the patient. These herbs help to regulate energy, relieve stress, clear heat and toxins, help build body strength and immunity and are really effective in day to day illnesses like flu and cold. It is high time that the importance of such exotic practices be understood and brought to the use of mankind.

Senior Expert Service
--Provide professional and valuable advice on health issues.

--One-to-one full service by assigned experienced expert.
--We customize your diagnosis based on syndrome differentiation.

--We customize prescriptions to meet specific needs of your condition.
Quality Guarantee
--We use only natural medicines approved by SFDA.

--We guarantee TCM product of unsurpassed quality.
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--We help you to save a lot of examination fees.

--24 hours online, all service to meet your own needs.

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