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Tai Chi program for community participants with arthritis

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Evaluate effectiveness of the Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi program for community participants with arthritis.

343 individuals were randomized to intervention or wait-list control. Performance and self-reported outcome (SRO) measures were assessed at baseline and 8 weeks. At 1 year, SROs only were assessed. Adjusted means were determined using regression models adjusting for covariates and effect sizes (ES) calculated.

Average participant age was 66 years, 87% were female and 87% Caucasian. Among 284 (83%) participants who returned at 8 weeks, balance by reach (ES=0.30) and helplessness, sleep, and role participation satisfaction (ES=0.24-0.54) improved significantly; pain, fatigue and stiffness improvement (ES=0.15-0.23) approached significance. No change was noted in mobility, lower-extremity strength, or single leg stance balance. At 1-year, improvements in pain, fatigue, stiffness, helplessness and role participation satisfaction at 8 weeks were maintained; 30% continued tai chi practice.

Moderate effectiveness of the AF Tai Chi Program was confirmed. Click to learn how Chinese medicine treats Rheumatic Arthritis.
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