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Imbalanced liver person becomes demanding and aggressive

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But when out of balance, the liver person tends to get frustrated easily. They see everyone and everything as an opponent, thwarting them, and getting in their way. Others are too slow or stupid. Anger and resentments can build up.

This buildup of emotional pressure can often cause people with liver imbalance to have emotional outbursts, crying or shouting. The emotional outbursts are just the body’s way of trying to release some pressure. The nerves get jangled and over stimulated. People can feel shaky and anxious and overtired. Tired and wired are the two words that describe this best. They can become over-reactive to situations and snap easily at others.

In relationships, the out of balance liver person can become demanding and aggressive and be difficult to communicate with, snapping instead when there needs to be a deeper meeting of the minds. They can be filled with resentments and bitterness and a lack of forgiveness. They can be disrespectful of other people’s efforts, thinking that others are not doing enough, that they themselves have to do everything. They can overreact to the slightest offense.

But if the liver system is healthy and balanced, the liver person is a big strength to a partnership, loving to do stuff, on the go, getting stuff done, honest and straightforward and extremely capable, and a powerhouse of productivity. They like to take on a lot of responsibility and enjoy doing a good job. They are graceful and balanced physically and emotionally. Click to learn how Chinese medicine treats Lumbago.

Physical liver symptoms can be cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, autoimmune issues, depression, thyroid problems, gallbladder problems, headaches, especially migraines, itchy or red skin, constipation, allergies, muscle cramping or twitching, and eye problems.

All abnormal cell growth like tumors, fibroids, and cysts is a sign the liver energy is stagnant, especially when these problems are in the sexual organs for either men or women.

All problems that relate to irregularities with the hormones are related to liver system problems. For instance PMS, or menopause issues, like mood swings, anxiety, feelings of anger and frustration, irritability and over sensitivity, depression from stress, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, missing periods, bad cramping, nausea with your cycle, headaches with your cycle, changes in appetite with your cycle, and irregular heart beat with your cycle.
When both the spleen and liver are severely out of balance, women can get more serious symptoms like endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain and inflammation, pelvic congestion syndrome, and autoimmune problems.

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