Massage Relief for Neck Problems, Stress, Headache

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1) Put one hand across behind the neck, using fingers to massage the opposite side next to the muscle that is next to the cervical vertebrae. Use kneading, pressing methods. Start at bottom of scalp, gradually moving down to shoulder along the neck. Massage for 2 or 3 minutes, and then do opposite side.

2) Using forefinger and middle finger under scalp, 1.5 inches from middle line, using rotational pressure, massage this area for 3 minutes.

3) Circle both shoulders backwards 8 times, and then circle both shoulders forward 8 times. Then hold both shoulders up for one deep inhale and make the shoulders tight, then drop the shoulders and relax the whole body while exhaling.

4) Neck exercise: slowly move the head in four directions, to the left, to the right, upward, and then downward.

5) Hold head down with hand at 45-degree angle; press down with moderate pressure, and after 1 minute, switch to the other side. Now, with the head centered, hold head down with both hands and apply moderate pressure.

6) Using the opposite hand, massage shoulder muscles by crossing the arms across the chest.

7) Lie down on a bed and move so your head hangs slightly from the edge of the bed. Let gravity pull down on your head providing natural neck traction. Do this for 1 minute.

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