Tiger Twist Open Exercise in Qigong

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Exhale as bend both knees and round spine palms facing each other like hold ball with left hand on top above heart and right hand at waist.

Inhale and twist waist to right, bend right elbow and point up and toward back wall with right palm facing away from body as push left palm down in front of right hip as roll upright from knees up. As you roll upright, weight shifts to right leg, right knee bent with kneecap pointing to front wall. The left leg straightens and relaxes completely.

On this first inhale (when right hand up), visualize environmental energy flowing with a green color into the right liver and gallbladder Mu points located below the breast in the spaces between the ribs. Mu points are acupuncture points that allow energy to balance the internal organs. Inhale a second time and visualize even more energy coming into the liver and gallbladder.

On the second exhale bend both knees and round spine as rotate body back to center and hold ball with right hand on top and left hand at waist, palms facing each other.

Repeat twist to left side as you inhale. On this inhale with the left hand up, visualize environmental energy flowing with a yellow color into the left Spleen Mu point located at the end of the second to last floating rib and the Stomach Mu point right in front of the stomach. Exhale and inhale a second time and bring more energy into the spleen and stomach. On the next exhale, bend both knees and round spine as rotate body back to center to beginning position holding ball with left hand on top. Click to learn how Chinese medicine treats Enlarged Spleen.

Make sure when you twist to the side that you bend the weight bearing knee and keep the knee cap pointing forward. Don’t twist the knee as you turn the waist. You should feel a comfortable stretch in the weight-bearing hip. Completely relax the opposite leg as you straighten it.

Repeat this exercise as many times in a row as feels comfortable and repeat three times per day to reduce stress and improve energy circulation through the abdomen.

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