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Traditional Chinese medicine and the Liver

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Liver system includes the liver and gallbladder and their pairs of meridians. The liver energy’s job is to keep the flow of energy within the body smooth and steady, sending out energy through the body when it is needed for action and storing it when it is time to rest. The liver is considered the action organ and its partner the gallbladder is the decision-making organ. The liver gives us the ability to make good decisions and take action on them easily. Liver personalities are decisive and busy people who get a lot done. They don’t like obstacles in their way and tend to hit them head on instead of going around, winning their battles by power and irresistible force of will. In a balanced state, the liver personality is a straight shooter, emotionally steady and even, and profoundly productive with a drive to succeed.

Anger is the emotion associated with the liver, but anger isn’t a bad thing. The liver’s nature is to take action. When action is restricted, then the liver wants us to push harder. Without anger people would just accept whatever situation was imposed on them. When the liver is healthy and balanced, this natural impulse to overcome obstacles quickly transforms from anger into action. Click to learn how Chinese medicine treats Osteoporosis.

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