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Traditional Chinese medicine and the Lung

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Next is the lung system, which includes the lungs and large intestines and their pairs of meridians. The lung's energy job is to absorb energy from the air we breathe and disperse it through the whole body, creating a rhythm and flow. Each breath sets a rhythm for the body, inhale receiving and exhale letting go. This sets a pattern for our energy that allows us to receive things and let them go. Being able to attach to people, places, or things in a healthy way and let them go when they no longer should be held onto relates to the health of the lung energy.

Our sense of right and wrong, what we hold to be true or not true, our sense of ethics all come from the lung energy. Lung people have a clear sense of what they believe in. If someone's lung energy was out of balance, they could easily believe whatever the last person they spoke to said or the opposite could happen where their opinions are set in stone, becoming self-righteous in their beliefs.

A lung personality would also have a great sense of order without it becoming restrictive or controlling. They don't like chaos though and have an innate need to see things organized. They often assume that they are better at organizing things than other people, but that is mostly because they just like things more organized than most others care about.

An out of balance lung person can have difficulty letting go of past relationships which can make it hard to connect to someone new. When out of balance you can become over controlling and restrictive about what is allowed in your partner, becoming domineering with an overly strong sense of what is right or wrong.

But a balanced lung person can connect and let somebody in without enmeshing with them, being supportive and having good boundaries, supporting individuality at the same time. A balanced lung person can create a sense of flow and structure that helps their partner to be more organized and successful without being domineering. Click to learn how Chinese medicine treats Lumbago.

To promote healthy and balanced lung energy, a person needs to get fresh air everyday with some aerobic exercise if possible, sit up straight so that each breath is full, eat more whole grains and vegetables that are high in natural fiber, and try not to take the world so seriously.

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