Qigong for Common Diseases

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Circulation System Diseases
  • Tai Chi has a positive effect on blood adiponectin concentrations
  • Tai Chi Chuan yields a better training effect on dynamic balance
  • The defence technique in Tai Chi Push Hands
  • Tai chi has been shown to positively influence quality of life for people
  • Tai chi for elderly patients with benign prostate hypertrophy
  • Qigong Massage for Motor Skills in Young Children With Cerebral Palsy
  • Tai Chi as a supportive therapy for stroke rehabilitation
  • TCM will have more potential to be utilized in United States
  • Tai Chi for Patients with Coronary Arterial Disease
  • Qigong training program on the heart rate variability
  • What Do We Really Know About the Safety of Tai Chi
  • Tai chi is a mind-body exercise associated with reductions in chronic disease
  • Tai Chi improves renal and cardiac functions of CKD and CVD patients
  • Tai Chi as an additional rehabilitative program for stroke patients
  • Qigong is effective for blood pressure in intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Qigong is an effective therapy for hypertension
  • Tai Chi used to improve the quality of life in stroke patients
  • Tai Chi is effective for cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy adults
  • Taiji exercise for the Falls prevention in the elderly
  • Tai Chi exercise for the balance function of patients after stroke
  • Tai Chi Chuan improves functional capacity after myocardial infarction
  • Tai chi for patients with atherosclerotic coronary heart disease
  • Tai Chi program to improve hypertension, weight in older adults
  • Chinese exercise has beneficial effects on the Balance for Stroke
  • The Effects of Tai Chi on Cardiovascular Risk in Women
  • Tai Chi can regulate heart rate variability for elderly adults
  • Taiji exercise can be able to reduce blood pressure
  • Tai Chi effects on static balance, dynamic balance, fear of falling and mood
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