Qigong for Common Diseases

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Difficult Miscellaneous Diseases
  • Abdominal Breathing Exercise reduces the disease burden of GERD
  • Rehabilitation programmes for patients on long-term sick leave for burnout
  • Paced-breathing intervention is good for hot flashes in menopause
  • White Ball Qigong exercises may be effective in burnout
  • Older Tai Chi practitioners have faster MT than older controls
  • Self care treatment improves Lymphatic Filariasis patients
  • Chinese herbal medicines approaches to male infertility
  • Semen Quality in Infertile and Fertile Men in China
  • Qualitative analysis of a clinical trial in older adults with dementia
  • Tai Chi is a valid complementary and alternative therapy for PD
  • Tai Chi improves sitting balance and accuracy in finger pointing task
  • Tai Ji Quan training on limits of stability in older adults
  • Qigong exercise improves sleep quality in Parkinson’s disease
  • Alternative medicine session in a self-care therapeutics class
  • Tai Chi for task-switching aspect of executive function in older adults
  • Effects of Tai Chi Training on Standing Postural Control
  • Taiji improves balance control ability and flexibility of older adults
  • Tai Chi improves aerobic capacity in patients with hip arthroplasty
  • Evidence on the effect of Tai Chi for Parkinson’s disease (PD)
  • Qigong can be an effective alternative for older adult women
  • Tai Chi Versus Otago, in Community-Dwelling Older Women
  • Tai-Chi on Falls Among Preclinically Disabled Older People
  • Tai Chi programme improved worker productivity
  • The effects of Tai Chi for the frequently reported diseases
  • Qigong used as assisting pharmacological treatments of PD
  • The beauty and technical quality of a Tai Chi sequence
  • Tai Ch exercise improves balance and reduces falls in older
  • Effect of Tai Chi on Obstacle Crossing Strategy in Older Adults
  • Taiji benefits balance function in patients with PD
  • Tai Chi Program for Older, Low-Income, and Ethnically Diverse Adults
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