Qigong for Common Diseases

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Nervous System Diseases
  • Neural signatures of event segmentation in fMRI
  • EEG source imaging during two Qigong meditations
  • Chen-style Tai Chi Programme for Stress Reduction
  • Qigong for Reducing Cocaine Craving Early in Recovery
  • Taichi for Cochlear nerve hypoplasia in children
  • Effects of tai chi on the protracted abstinence syndrome
  • Potential effects of Qigong in the treatment of depression
  • Tai chi may be effective at treating mental disorders
  • Tai Chi is effective for Depression, Psychological Well-Being
  • Taichi massage helps relieve Young Children with Autism
  • Tai Chi activity in nursing home residents with dementia
  • Meditation and Mindfulness in Clinical Practice
  • Tai Chi intervention to be beneficial for balance improvement
  • Qigong on telomerase activity and chronic psychological stress
  • Investigate sleep quality among middle-aged Tai Chi practitioners
  • Tai Chi for Late Life Insomnia and Inflammatory Risk
  • Tai-chi has better symptoms management and lower stress level
  • Taichi improves balance and gait in older adults
  • Tai Chi benefits the neural substrates of executive function
  • Enhancement in intrinsic brain activity in healthy older adults
  • Qigong is being explored for relief of symptoms in fibromyalgia
  • Tai chi is a promising modality for anxiety management
  • Baduanjin facilitates improvements in psychological health
  • Taiji reduces risk of stroke among patients with PTSD
  • Tai Chi versus aerobic exercise for fibromyalgia
  • Taichi reduces risk of chronic disease in older adults with insomnia
  • Taoist Tai Chi (TTC) and a Memory Intervention Program
  • Evidence as to whether Tai Chi is advocated in people with PD
  • Meditative Movement Therapies and Quality-of-Life
  • How to Maintain Older Brain Functionality
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