Reflexology treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis

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This is a disease affecting the entire body with lesions in the small peripheral joints. It is included in the Bi-syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine. The onset of this disease is insidious, with fatigue, poor appetite, low fever, irregular menstruation, numbness of hands and feet, and pricking pain as the prodromal symptoms. Patients may then have pain, stiffness, redness and swelling of the finger or toe
joints which assume a fusiform shape, and thereafter other joints may be gradually involved, developing the same lesions together with irregular fever, anemia, mental depression, and quick pulse.
Foot massage: The massage is applied to thoracic spine (54), lumbar spine (55), kidney (22), spleen (34), lung (14), hip joint (38), knee (35) and elbow joint (60) reflecting areas (Fig. 64).
Foot acupuncture:
Meridianal acupoints: At Chongyang (ST42), Xiangu (ST43), Qiuxu (GB40), Zulinqi (GB41), Diwuhui (GB 42), Pucan (BL61), Jinmen (BL63) and Shangqiu (SP 5) acupoints, a balanced reinforcereducing technique is applied and the needles are retained for 30 minutes. Moxibustion after acupuncture is applied to patients not running a fever.
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