Reflexology treatment for low fever

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This is a symptom with body temperature between 37.4 and 38 degrees centigrade. The patient may have fever at irregular times subjeetive feverishness, and a hot feeling in palms and soles.
Differential diagnosis: Patients with liver qi stagnation may suffer from annoyance, distension in chest and subcostal region, sighing, irregular menstruation with abdominal pain, and distension of breasts. Patients with blood stasis may suffer from afternoon or night fever, dryness in mouth without desire to drink water, fixed tender spots or masses on the trunk or limbs, sallow complexion, purple tongue, and uneven pulse. Patients with deficiency of qi may suffer from instant fever, dizziness, weakness of body, shortness of breath, no desire to speak, passage of loose stool, pale tongue with thin and white coating, and thready and weak pulse. Patients with blood deficiency may suffer from dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations, chest distress, sallow complexion, pale lips and nails, pale tongue and thready pulse. And patients with Yin deficiency may suffer from afternoon or night fever, hot feeling in palms and soles, annoyance, insonmia, dreaminess, flushed cheeks, spontaneous sweating during sleep, dryness in mouth, dry and red tongue or with fissures, with scanty or no tongue coating, and thready and rapid pulse. Low fever in chronic patients, postpartum women or postoperative patients may be treated by the following methods.
Foot massage: The massage is applied to head (1), brain stem and cerebellum (3), pituitary gland (4), frontal sinus (2), liver (18), kidney (22), spleen (34), lymph nodes (upper body, 39), lymph nodes (abdomen, 40) and lymph nodes (chest, 41) reflecting areas (Fig. 70).
Foot acupuncture:
Meridianal acupoints: At Neiting (ST44), Chongyang (ST42), Lidui (ST 45), Zuqiaoyin (GB 44), Zutonggu (BL66) and Zhiyin (BL 67) acupoints, a reducing technique is applied to patients with liver qi stagnation or blood stasis, and a balanced reinforce- reducing technique is applied to patients with qi, blood or Yin deficiency and the needles are retained for 30 minutes. Moxibustion after acupuncture is applied to patients with qi or blood deficiency.
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