Postpartum bleeding shock can be treated by reflexology

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After delivery, the mother may suddenly develop dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty sitting up, chest distress, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath with accumulation of phlegm, restlessness, or and even trismus, loss of consciousness, and coma.
Applications of hand therapy:
Massage therapy:
Location: Heart, stomach, kidney, reproductive and reproductive gland areas, and brain, head and stomach reflective points.
Method of manipulation: Both hands are rubbed to produce a hot sensation. Rubbing maneuver applied to palm root; digitpressing and kneading heart, stomach, kidney and reproductive areas and reproductive gland area; continuous digit-pressing and kneading brain, head and stomach reflective point.
Acupuncture therapy:

At regular and extra acupoints:
Location: Neiguan (PC6), Hegu (LI 4), Kongzui (LU6), Yinxi (HT6) 
Method of manipulation: The weak stimulation is applied and the needles are retained for 15 minutes.

At reflective points:
Location: Heart, spleen, and kidney points.
Method of manipulation: The needles are shallowly inserted and retained for five minutes.
At special acupoints beside the second metacarpal bone:
Location: Head acupoint, liver acupoint and lung and heart acupoint.
Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 1.6 cm and retained for 15 minutes after weak stimulation.
Hand bath:
Recipe: Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Danggui)  60 g, Radix Codonopsis (Dangshen) 20 g, Poria (Fuling) 20 g, Flos Chrysanthemi (Juhua) 10 g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra (Chishaoyao) 10 g.
Function: To tone qi and blood and improve vision.
Method of manipulation: A hot decoction of the above herbs is used to steam and wash both hands for 30 minutes, two to three times a day.
Hand qigong: Kongjin exercise.
The hand is prone with the palm facing downward and the fingers relaxed and extended. The thumb and little finger are flexed at the same time seven times (Fig. 49); and the middle and little fingers are flexed at the same time six times (Fig. 50). The hand should be returned to the ladder pattern after each repetition and the exercise is ended after a pole-standing exercise in the riding posture for five minutes.

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