Epilepsy and reflexology treatment

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This is a disease with paroxysmal attacks of mental confusion, sudden collapse, loss of consciousness, foaming at the mouth, upward staring of eyes and convulsion of limbs with noise cried from mouth. The patients may restore their consciousness after the attack.
This is similar to primary or secondary epilepsy in modern medicine and can be treated by the following methods.
Applications of hand therapy:
Massage therapy:
Location: Shenmen (HT 7), Laogong (PC8), chest reflective point, palm and dorsum of hand, Hegu (LI 4), Houxi (SI 3), Yanggu (SI 5), Shixuan (EX- UE 11).
Method of manipulation: The palm and dorsum of the hands are rubbed and pushed to produce a hot sensation; pinching maneuver applied at Shenmen (HT 7), Laogong (PC 8), chest reflective point, Hegu (LI 4), Houxi (SI 3), Yanggu (SI 5) and Shixuan (EX-UE 11); and digit-pressing maneuver with nail over palmar side of fingers. During attack, digit-pressing and pinching maneuvers are applied at head area and head reflective point.
Acupuncture therapy:
At regular and extra acupoints:
Location: Neiguan (PC 6), Hegu (LI 4) and Laogong (PC 8) acupoints.
Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 3.3 cm and retained for 30 minutes after strong needling stimulation.

At reflective points:
Location: Heart point and liver point.
Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 1.3 cm and retained for five minutes after twisting, lifting, and thrusting stimulation.
At special acupoints beside the second metacarpal bone:
Location: Head acupoint, lung and heart acupoint, and liver acupoint.
Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 1.6 cm and retained for 30 minutes.
Hand qigong: Physical and breath exercise for epilepsy.
During an attack, the patient's wrist is held tightly in the doctor's hand with his thumb forcibly pressing Neiguan and the middle finger of the patient is held in the doctor's other hand with his nail pinching the tip of patient's middle finger (the terminal of pericardium meridian) to resolve the accumulated phlegm (Fig. 48). After consciousness is restored, symptoms relieved, and emotional stability recovered, the patient is taught  to relax his body, adjust breathing, become quiescent, and concentrate his attention at the navel to intentionally resolve the accumulated phlegm and move it downward from both sides of the heart into the intestine to be discharged from the anus.

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