Psychosis and reflexology treatment

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This is a psychiatric disease which is divided into two types in traditional Chinese medicine: The Dian-syndrome is characterized by an apathetic expression, silence, mental dullness, speaking nonsense, and diminished motion; and the Kuangsyndrome is characterized by mental excitement, hyperirritability, restlessness, noise making, beating and scolding others, destruction and extreme fury. The psychiatric diseases of modern medicine are similar to this disease and can be treated by the following methods.
Applications of hand therapy:
Acupuncture therapy:
At regular and extra acupoints:
Location: Shaoshang (LU11), Shaochong (HT 9), Zhongchong (PC9) and Guanchong (TE 1) acupoints.
Method of manipulation: The acupoints are punctured by regular acupuncture needles.

At reflective points:
Location: Heart point, lung point, spleen point, and liver point.
Method of manipulation: The points are punctured by regular acupuncture needles.
At special acupoints beside the second metacarpal bone:
Location: Head acupoint, liver acupoint, and sensitive tender spots.
Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 1.6 cm to apply medium needling stimulation.
Hand qigong:
Kongjin exercise: The hand is prone with the palm facing downward and the fingers relaxed and extended. The thumb is flexed once and the hand resumes the ladder pattern; the little finger is flexed once and the hand resumes the ladder pattern; and the index finger is slightly dorsally extended and then flexed once. The exercise of three fingers in sequence is repeated six times and is ended after a pole-standing exercise in riding posture for five minutes.
Physical and breath exercise for psychosis: Same as those for epilepsy.

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