Eczema can be treated effectively with reflexology

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This is a chronic, recurring, and irritating skin disease. The multiform skin lesions are symmetrically distributed, with erosion and oozing. Acute and chronic allergic skin diseases can be treated by the following methods.

Applications of hand therapy:
Massage therapy:
Location: Tender spots, kidney, stomach, intestine, spleen, and lung areas.
Method of manipulation: Pressing and kneading maneuvers are applied at above areas and points.

 Acupuncture therapy:
At regular and extra acupoints:
Location: Quchi (LI 11), Hegu (LI 4), and Zhoujian (EX-UE 1 ) acupoints.
Method of manipulation: The strong stimulation is applied.
At special acupoints beside the second metacarpal bone:
Location: According to the location of the lesion. For example, the upper limb acupoint is used for lesions on upper limbs; and the head acupoint is used for lesions of the head.
Method of manipulation: Bleeding therapy is applied.
Hand bath:
Recipe: Kushen (Radix Sophorae) 30 g, Baixianpi (Cortex Dictamni Radicis) 30 g, Difuzi (Fructus Kochiae) 30 g, Tufuling (Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae) 30 g, Shechuangzi (Fructus Cnidii) 30 g, Chantui (Periostracum Cicadae) 15 g, Huangqing (Radix Scutellariae) 15 g, Pugongying (Herba Taraxaci) 30 g, and Baibu (Radix Stemonae) 20 g.
Function: To clear heat pathogen, relieve toxicity, resolve dampness, and stop itching.
Method of manipulation: The herbs are wrapped in gauze and boiled in water for steaming and washing both hands and skin lesions for 30 minutes, twice a day.

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