Stiff neck can be treated effectively by reflexology

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Stiff neck is most common in patients over 20 years of age and usually occurs in spring and autumn. It is often caused by an increase of local muscular tension or static injury to local tissues after sleeping in an improper posture or on an inadequate pillow, It can also be caused by attack of wind and cold pathogen in winter or even in summer to produce stagnation of qi and blood, blockage of meridians, functional disturbance, and pain and stiffness of the neck. The symptoms are pain in the neck and shoulder after sleeping, deviation of head to one side and limite,d neck movement. If the patient want to look backward, he must turn his body together with the head at the same time. Cervical fascitis is the same disease and can be treated by the following methods.
Applications of hand therapy:

Acupuncture therapy:
At regular and extra acupoints:
Location: Waiguan (TE5), Houxi (SI 3), Zhongdu (LR6) or pierced from Yemen (TE 2) to Zhongdu (LR6).
Method of manipulation: The strong needling stimulation is applied and accompanied by local exercise.
At reflective point.
Location: Neck reflective point.
Method of manipulation: The needle is inserted for 1.6 cm for application of strong needling stimulation and accompanied by local exercise.
At special acupoint beside the second metacarpal bone.
Location: Neck acupoint beside the second metacarpal bone.
Method of manipulation: The needle is inserted for 1.6 cm and retained for 15 minutes.

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