How to treat Aphtha by foot massage

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Excessive type: Ulcers are caused by overeating greasy food and indulging in alcohol, accumulation of heat in spleen and stomach and transformation of heat pathogens to fire attacking the oral cavity along the meridian. Ulcers may come and go quickly. Some are yellowish white ulcers on lips, tongue and buccal mucosa in a round or elliptic shape, the size of a pea or soybean, surrounded by a flesh red border. Patients may suffer from local pain, fever, thirst, dark urine, and rapid
Deficient type: These ulcers are caused by the upward flaming of deficient fire and they are difficult to cure, often with repeated relapses over a long period of time. In general, there are only three kinds of ulcers affecting the oral cavity, yellowish white in color and surrounded by a pink border. The tongue is flesh red in color without coating, and the pulse is feeble and thready.
Foot massage: The massage is applied to palate (47), lower jaw (46), lymph nodes (upper body, 39), frontal sinus (2) and trigeminal nerve (5) reflecting
areas (Fig. 117).
Foot acupuncture:
1) Meridianal acupoint: A reducing acupuncture technique is applied to Lidui (ST 45) acupoint, and the needle is retained for 10 minutes, and bleeding therapy with a three-edged needle may also be applied.
2) Foot acupoints: At Head and face (FA-P 1), Heart (FA-P 5) and Kidney (FA-P 14) acupoints, a moderate acupuncture stimulation is applied and the needles are retained for 30 minutes.
External application of drugs:
1) The powder of Tiannanxing (raw Jack-in-the-pulpit) 5 gm and Dahuang (raw rhubarb) 5 gm is mixed with vinegar for application to the central area of the soles.

2) Relapsing aphthosis: An equal amount of Fuzi (prepared aconite lateral root) and Rougui (cinnamon bark) is pounded and mixed with vinegar for application to both Yongquan (KI 1) acupoints.

3) Ulceration of mouth and tongue: Earthworm, Wuzhuyu (evodia root) and wheat flour are pounded together to prepare a paste for application to the central area of both soles.

4) The powder of Tiannanxing (raw Jack-in-the-pulpit) tuber 3-5 gm is mixed with vinegar to prepare a paste for application to both Yongquan (KI 1) acupoints overnight for several days. Because of the poisonous property of this paste, it is prohibited for oral administration.

5) Ulceration of oral cavity in children: The powder of Wuzhuyu (evodia fruit) is mixed with one egg white to prepare small pills the size of a broad bean for application on both Yongquan (KI 1) acupoints and fixed with adhesive plaster, once every other day, 2-3 times.

6) Ulcers in oral cavity of newborn babies with difficulty sucking milk: The powder of alum is mixed with one egg white to prepare a paste for application to both Yongquan (KI 1) acupoints, changed after it dries.

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