How to treat constrictive tenosynovitis by foot massage

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This is a disease caused by chronic strain of the fingers and wrist related to certain occupations. Forceful or repetitive physical exertion on the job with the fingers and wrist over a long period of time may cause edema, hyperplasia of granulomatous tissue and adhesion of tendon and tendon sheath due to repeated friction, so that the movement of the tendons may be impaired.
A finger lesion is tenosynovitis of flexor muscle of fingers, and a wrist lesion is the constrictive tenosynovitis of the radial styloid process.
Foot massage: The massage may be applied to the correspondent reflecting areas on foot and the correspondent region of the hand lesion, on the same-side foot. For example, the massage may be applied on the left ankle joint to treat tenosynovitis of the left wrist joint, and the massage is applied to the correspondent joint of the toe to treat the finger joint lesion on the same side.
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