How to treat sore throat by foot massage

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Differential diagnosis:
Sore throat caused by external pathogens: The onset is prompt and the clinical course is short. At the early stage the patient may have symptoms caused by external pathogens, including fever, chills induced by blowing wind, headache, and cough. Then the patient may develop dryness, a burning sensation, slight redness, and swelling and pain in throat with mild dysphagia. Following the development of the disease, the pain, redness and swelling in throat become more and more severe, together with a blocking sensation of a foreign body, spitting of yellow and sticky sputum, hoarseness of voice, and difficulty speaking. The pulse is floating and rapid.
Sore throat caused by internal injury: The onset is insidious and the clinical course is longer. Symptoms such as swelling and dryness and pain in throat can be aggravated by fatigue, but local redness and swelling is not as marked as that in patients whose condition is caused by external pathogens. At the early stage, the throat is slightly red and swollen with mild pain when eating. But severe cases may include ulceration of throat with white purulent spots. The symptoms are mild in the morning, worse in the afternoon, and much more severe at night. Patients may also suffer from dryness in throat and tongue, flushed cheek and lips, hotness in palms and soles, mental fatigue, flesh red tongue, and thready and rapid pulse.
Foot massage: The massage is applied to neck (7), tonsil (45), throat (48), ear (9), chest (43), lymph nodes (upper body, 39), kidney (22), adrenal gland (21) and urinary bladder (24) reflecting areas (Fig 119).
The knuckles of index and middle fingers are used to knead and rub ear (9) reflecting area to lateral side and to massage neck (7) reflecting area. The thumb is used to carefully massage kidney (22) reflecting area. A probe is used to gently and slowly apply massage on lymph nodes (upper body, 39) reflecting area, because it is small and sensitive.
Foot acupuncture:
1) Meridianal acupoints: For sore throat caused by external pathogens, a reducing acupuncture technique is applied at Neiting (ST44), Chongyang (ST42), Lidui (ST 45), Zulinqi (GB41). For sore throat caused by internal injury, a reinforcing acupuncture technique is applied at Yongquan (KI 1), Taixi (KI3), Zhaohai (KI 6), Taichong (LR 3), and the needles are retained for 20 minutes. Bleeding therapy at Lidui (ST 45) with a three-edged needle, and finger-pressing massage at Rangu (KI 2) can also be used to treat sore throat.
2) Foot acupoints: At Tonsil 1 and 2 (FA-D 2 and 3), Head and face (FA-P 1) and Heart (FA-P 5) acupoints, a strong acupuncture stimulation is applied for the excessive type, and a moderate stimulation is also applied to Kidney (FA-P 14) acupoint for the deficient type. The needles are retained for 20 minutes.
External application of drugs:
1) The powder of Fuzi (prepared aconite lateral root) 15 gm, Wuzhuyu (evodia fruit) 15 gm, Xixin (wild ginger) 15 gm and Dahuang (rhubarb) 6 gm is mixed with vinegar to prepare small cakes for application to Yongquan (KI 1) acupoints, once a day, to treat sore throat caused by kidney deficiency and the upward flaming of deficient fire.
2) The powder of hot pepper and wheat flour are mixed with water to prepare a paste for application of wet compress to both soles for 2-3 hours.
3) A fine powder of Fuzi (raw aconite lateral root) or Wuzhuyu (evodia root) is mixed with hot vinegar for application to the central area of both soles.
Foot bath: The feet are soaked in hot salt water to relieving the symptoms of sore throat.
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