Breast cancer was greatly improved after reflexology

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Over the past 10 years I have had the honour of being a facilitator in the healing of many, many clients with a diverse array of diagnosed and even undiagnosed conditions and diseases. In some cases, the clients are nearing the end of their journey. This article is about one of the wonderful experiences where the journey ended and a new and exciting journey began.

Four years ago a lady in her late 30s called for a session based on a referral from two of my other clients. She stated she was depressed as she presented with secondary lymphatic cancer diagnosed three months earlier as a metastasis of originally diagnosed breast cancer. Her several surgeries included removal of breast four years before followed by two surgeries to remove metastasis in reproductive organs and very recent surgery to remove lymphatic tissues. Client refused any radiation and chemotherapy. She advised me that her prognosis was extremely grim.

Other presenting symptoms were recent numbness in extremities; skin rash and swelling under arms; itching in upper torso; pain in hips; cold hands and feet; pain in reproductive areas; PMS; difficulty urinating; poor sleeping patterns; occasional indigestion with reflux prior to breast cancer; occasional bloating; constipation; and emotional distress with depression.

Despite all of the above, this client was proud to point out that she has been extremely pro-active in her health by leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition, supplementation and exercise. This was certainly good to hear.

A series of four therapeutic reflexology sessions began, each session one week apart. I combined advanced therapeutic techniques from European Reflexology including a very important piriformis muscle adjustment, Clinical Reflexology communication techniques and Reiki.

Since that initial series of Reflexology treatments, the Client has returned annually over the past four years for Reflexology maintenance sessions.

She happily states she is currently in excellent health and leads a busy lifestyle as a wife, mother and health enthusiast.

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