Can pressing a specific area on the foot really help a headache

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Reflexology as we now know it in the West has its origins in the study of zone therapy. Zone therapy is based on there being longitudinal lines of energy running up through the body from the feet to the brain, and from the hands to the brain. The development of acupuncture was founded on an understanding of these energy zones, but instead of gentle pressure being applied to specific points, fine needles are inserted under the skin to stimulate the energy pathway and so restore homeostasis to the body.

Here in the West because of widespread acceptance of foot Reflexology, and following along with the holographic principle (see article "Understanding The Holographic Principle") other areas of application of Reflexology to various body parts, most recently the ear, are now following the same path to popularity that foot and hand Reflexology have traveled.

So the question then is - can performing Reflexology on the surface of the foot, hand or ear really have a reflex action elsewhere in the body? In other words can pressing a specific area on the foot, hand or ear really help a headache? The answer is Yes! As mentioned previously, the answer can be found in holographic principle.

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