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Hand Reflexology is an excellent way to work with Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are indicated on the hands by the enlargement of the first knuckle on the fingers. The knuckle will begin to enlarge long before there are other physical symptoms of arthritis!

The part of the body affected is shown by a knuckle enlargement of the corresponding finger. Hand Reflexology is an excellent way to work with this condition!
Index Finger - hips and lower back
Middle Finger - knees
Ring Finger - legs and feet
Small Finger - neck and upper back

The knuckle will begin to enlarge once the person's lifestyle makes them predisposed to developing the corresponding arthritic condiiton, but long before the ailment has become disabling. We have found that this is the best time for a Reflexology Treatment and gently working the hand reflexes vs foot reflexes is preferable! Following a specific hand reflexology routine that allows for soft, supportive techniques and working methods is called for at this time.

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