Promoting Reflexology as the great Stress Reliever

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Did you know that Christmas is typically one of the most stressful events of the year? Stress, anxiety and depression are common during the festive season.

Oh, the joys of Christmas shopping. Been to a shopping centre lately? Enjoy the crowds? Isn’t the rush and crush great? Of course, we all know exactly what to buy for everybody, don’t we? Parking is no problem and the weather is great. And those gifts are so easy to find for that ever growing circle of family and friends. And, no guilt feelings over the amount we are spending on these gifts.

Next, festive entertaining for family and friends. No problems here, all stress-free. Everybody gets along. It’s so much fun in the kitchen, cooking up a storm with the turkey and trimmings, veggies and desserts, egg-nogs and rum – spirits flying high! Too much to eat! Too much to drink! Hurry, let’s work those digestive system reflexes in a hurry!

New Year’s resolutions – shall we start with cutting back at Christmas next year? How about losing the few inches we grew around the waistline over the holidays?

Oh oh, it’s January! We all know what that means. The onslaught of our Christmas aftermath continues, this time it includes massive credit card bills that are sure to take months to clear. Those gifts seemed such a bargain when we bought them, forgot to add on the usurious interest charges from the credit card companies.

Sounds like anything but a stress free time.

Da dadada!!! Enter the Reflexologist Super Hero to the stressed out holiday people.

Here’s how you the Reflexologist Super Hero can help. Give the Gift of Health - Reflexology!

Promote Reflexology as the great Stress Reliever that it is during and following the holiday season. Contact your clients and let them know you are there to help! "How would a relaxing foot pampering session feel for you?" "Maybe a series of six weekly stress relief sessions to help get you flow back into the swing of things."

Your clients and future clients (and their families!) need you!

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