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Reflexology and the Bald Headed Eagle

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A group of us attending a monthly Reflexology meeting nearly fell off our chairs when one of our members entered carrying a cage holding a magnificent Bald Headed Eagle.

The Reflexologist was a volunteer working with rehabilitating injured wild animals at a nearby sanctuary. She told us this poor fellow had been severely injured and they were nursing him back to health at the sanctuary.

Her daily routine included Foot Reflexology on this bird of prey.

Well, not actually Foot Reflexology, let’s call it Talon Reflexology. She claimed this raptor looked forward to its daily stress relief sessions that appeared to help speed up its healing process.

Bet you’re wondering like the rest of us did. How do you perform Talon Reflexology on this beautiful animal? After all aren’t the talons hard and rough? I’m no expert on avian anatomy, but I have heard that the reason birds survive cold weather is that they have minimal nerve endings in their feet (talons) and legs. Perhaps so, and he still looked forward to his daily Reflexology and he was recovering nicely thank you.

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