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Reflexology has taken a great leap into the 21st century

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Reflexology has taken a great leap into the 21st century by utilizing the largest computer software in the world - known as the EPFX. It works in harmony with your body's electrical system collecting data with extreme precision and processing it into a user friendly computer screen. Utilizing the principle of biofeedback (using a thermometer to discover your body's temperature is the simplest form of biofeedback that most people know and understand.)

The computer system used is the 21st century version of discovering how the body is functioning in real time. In a four minute equivalent of an electrical handshake, the EPFX scans the body for over 10,000 frequencies, each associated with a different compound, much as anti-virus software would do for a computer.

This revolutionary EPFX (Electro Physiological Frequency Xrroid) Biofeedback Device was created by Professor Bill Nelson of Hungary over a period of many years of research and development to combine holistic medicine with advanced quantum technology.

The Biofeedback device makes it possible to query the body for its most acute and chronic conditions or needs and attempt to balance or correct these stressors with focused energetic therapy.

The main premises of quantum biofeedback therapy are that the body is electrical in nature, that it is innately intelligent, that it has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided, and that as the client becomes more aware of that which has been unknown to them, they can make changes to improve their wellness.

 Electrical Handshake

The EPFX operates at biological speeds (up to 1/1000 of a second) charting the resonance or response of the body to these frequencies, comparing them to a norm and ranking them in degree of reactivity, identifying both acute and chronic imbalances.

Clients can then be provided information about the results and energetic therapy can be given to attempt a balancing or harmonizing of any aberrant frequencies. Offering over 200 biofeedback therapies in 72 modalities, it is the largest healthcare software package in the world, combining both eastern and western philosophies and techniques.

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