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This experience of Fish Reflexology is a must

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BANGALORE: Of the many things that I had visualized I would do in Singapore and especially in Sentosa, putting my feet in a pool of Turkish spa fish was definitely not one.

For pedicure fanatics, who’ve done to death the routine of feet cleansing at various parlours, this experience of Fish Reflexology is a must. Though it sounds bizarre, it was extremely effective. Here’s how its works:  You are led to a warm pool of water into which you submerge your feet and in a minute, Turkish spa fish swarm towards your feet and proceed to nibble at areas of dead skin!

Yes, definitely intimidating for the first few minutes as it feel a wee bit itchy as well as the ticklish sensation can be overpowering, but after awhile the fish nibbling actually begins to feel like fun. After about fifteen minutes, you are guided to another pool, with larger fish.

"These are aggressive fish from Africa," says the attendant in case your eyes widen with wonder as most first timers did. Before your imagination goes wild and your courage fails you, you are led to the pool and the African fish just swoop onto you. There is nothing to fear and the ten minutes of this dead skin feeding session has good exfoliation results. The final 20 minutes is a foot massage , which is heavenly to say the least and is done by a qualified foot reflexologist.

The twenty minute spa fish pool dip and twenty minute foot reflexology costs Singapore $35. Add in a 10-minute head and shoulder massage and pay a total of $50. Worth every penny. The Fish Reflexology is Underwater World Singapore's latest interactive experience, launched last December and a first in the country.

For skeptics, there is no need to fret. This form of spa therapy has its origins in the Middle East, where the Turkish Garra rufa species of fish, native to hot springs, lakes and river basins, are used for the treatment of psoriasis. Spas using this species of fish (nicknamed doctor fish or nibble fish) for therapies have also opened in Japan and China.

This experience of a unique and revitalizing therapy in an ambience of soft lighting and calming resonance of a river stream is something hard to forget. This "nibbling massage" is a must do' on a visit to Singapore. These adorable little fish consume only the dead skin areas, revealing your smoother and healthier skin – what more interesting way to exfoliate and pamper your feet!

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