Treating the chakras with reflexology

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The seven major chakras located in the body each work with a specific endocrine gland. Treating the chakras is extremely important when treating any hormonal imbalances or endocrine gland problems.

A Chakra is a spinning vortex of activity crated by the presence of consciousness within the physical body. These vortices exist within what is called the subtle anatomy of the body – a hidden field of energy that carries your emotions, habits and history of all that has happened to you.

As the feet are a mirror image of the whole body, combining Reflexology and chakras allows for easy balancing of the chakras. This is an ideal way of adding an extra level of harmony and healing when working with your Reflexology clients.

Here are some of the comments from our most recent students -

"The connections between chakras, meridians, nerve plexii and endocrine glands - tying in all the systems is extremely helpful"


"So much information in such a short-time - thank-you!"

"Loved the quizes and self-discovery"

"Always a great investment of time!"

"Well developed, details and in depth chakra information I didn't expect to discover"


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