Reflexology, Helping with Disease and Health Issues

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Reflexology can help with many health issues. In one way or another, reflexology will work to help the body get rid of symptoms, allowing balance and natural healing.

Clinical Studies
Many clinical studies have been carried out studying the use of reflexology since its initial modern inception into our society. Studies were completed by Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Bowers, Dr. Riley and Eunice Ingham, with more recent ones being conducted across many world renowned hospitals and health centers across the globe.

The question always asked in these studies is: Can reflexology help?
The answer is yes!

However, even with all the advancements in modern medicine, there are still many diseases and symptoms that humans have not been able to conquer.

Dr. Fitzgerald stated in the early 1900's, that the therapy that he helped to develop was not a cure for all; however, neither is modern medicine.

This is now changing through the science of reflexology. Reflexology has been implemented into the vanguard of medical research and studies in search for a non-invasive therapy that helps us overcome difficult diseases and symptoms.

Reflexology for Specific Disorders
Through the work of many doctors, medical researchers, practitioners, as well as reflexologists, light has been shed on conclusive evidence of reflexology and its solutions to the ailments of the human body.

Reflexology is a science that is ever expanding in the field of health! Below, you will find a list of reflexes relative to particular disorders.

To help the body with some of the described disorders, work the following reflexes:

Disorder Reflex
Acne: All Glands
Anemia: Spleen, Liver
Arthritis: Reflex to affected area, kidneys, all glands
Asthma: Chest, lung, adrenals, ileoceacal valve, diaphragm
Bladder problems: Bladder, kidneys, ureter-tubes, adrenals, lower spine
Bronchitis: Chest/lung, adrenals, ileoceacal valve, diaphragm, lymphatic system
Cholesterol level (high): Thyroid, liver
Lower back pain: Lower spine, pelvic area, hip, shoulders, cervicals
Colds: All toes, chest/lung, pituitary, adrenals, ileoceacal valve, lymphatic system
Constipation: Colon, sigmoid, ileoceacal valve, liver, gall bladder, adrenals, diaphragm, lower spine
Cramps (menstrual)  Uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, all glands, lower spine, diaphragm
Eczema: All glands
Fever:  Pituitary glands
Glaucoma: Eye reflex, cervicals, neck, all toes, kidneys
Gout: Reflex to affected area, kidneys, all glands
Heart attack and heart conditions: Chest/lung, heart, adrenals, cervical, thoracic, diaphragm, sigmoid colon
Hot flashes:  Reproductive system, all glands
Infertility: Reproductive system, all glands,lower spine, diaphragm
Insomnia: Diaphragm, all glands, especially pineal glands
Knee problems: Knee/leg, hip/sciatic, lower spine,referral area: Elbow
Lupus:  All glands, intestines, liver, spine, diaphragm
Prostate problems: Prostate, all glands, bladder, lower spine
PMS:  All glands, lymphatic system
Laryngitis: Throat/neck, chest/lungs, all toes, lymphatic system

These listed disorders are just a few to help you become familiarized with which relative reflexes can help with which disorders. There are actually so many disorders that reflexology can help, that a full book would be insufficient to list them all.

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