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Reflexology Maps & Charts

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Reflexology maps out the body on the hands and feet. These maps or charts are a microcosmic representation of the body. Through practice, documentation, and comprehensive repetitive protocol, the pioneers of reflexology developed the first maps and charts using the Zone therapy as the basis of their work. The first charts and maps detailed specific areas of the foot and hand that corresponded to specific glands or organs. As further study progressed, documentation and accuracy of these particular reflexes were established.

Eunice Ingham’s Work
Eunice Ingham is credited for formulating and creating the most accurate charts of reflexology ever developed, which are still used today. Through the well-documented work of her career came the development of the locations described in her charts. However, there are many other reflexology charts used across the world today. These charts, although different, have the same basic locations described by Eunice and the other pioneers of reflexology. World renowned teachers and reflexology practitioners affirm that Eunice Ingham’s charts still remain as the foundation and the basis of all the maps of the foot.

Dr. William Fitzgerald’s Zones
There are ten zones used in Reflexology that are based on the original works of Dr. William Fitzgerald. These zones are used to divide the reflexology areas of the feet, and are formed by imaginary longitudinal lines that run from the head to the toes and divide the body into ten sections.

Four guidelines of the foot are used in reflexology and are described in the maps and charts.

The Diaphragm Line
The Waist Line
The Pelvic Line
The Tendon Line
Close attention must be placed on these guidelines for finding the location of specific reflexes that correspond to particular parts of the body.

In reflexology, the division of the body does not stop. Each foot, the left and right correspond to the right side of the body and the left side, respectively. The same holds true for the mapping of the hands. Furthermore, the divisions of the body are directly based on Zone therapy. Zone therapy states that these 10 zones are also present and used to divide the body by reflecting these zones on the big toes of both the left and the right foot. Pin-point reflex locations are available on these divisiosn of the body on the feet and hands. These very small, exact reflexes require a precise location and measurement using the guidelines of the foot.

The maps mainly used in reflexology are a representation of the following:
Zone Therapy Maps
Foot Map or Chart
Hand Map or Chart
Spinal Nerve Map or Chart
Full Body Map or Chart

Each of these zones helps the reflexologist in providing a more accurate location of the reflexes for the benefit of the recipient.

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