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Reflexology and Massage Comparison

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Many people are not familiar with reflexology, or confuse a reflexology session with a foot massage or other form of massage. While there are some similarities with massage and reflexology, they are two different modalities. However, they are both highly beneficial to the body and to healing.

Reflexology and Massage Comparison
Reflexology and massage, like many other therapies, use the hands on the body, for the application of their techniques. However, that is where the similarities end. Reflexology is not a massage, in the same way that a massage is not reflexology. While a body massage can be complemented with reflexology, a reflexology session only includes the feet and hands.

The following comparisons are made to specifically tell the difference between reflexology and massage.

Reflexology Massage
The application uses: the hands, thumbs & fingers applied on the feet and hands only. The application uses: the hand, thumbs, fingers, elbows and sometimes feet applied on the whole body.

What comes off: What comes off:
Only the shoes and socks need to be removed from the client’s feet. Gloves must be removed from hands. Most clothing must be removed from the client unless it is a chair back massage.

Systematic Techniques: Systematic Techniques:
Use the thumb walking techniques with certain pressure on the feet and hands, in short detailed movements. Use large stroking movements on certain muscles, using the hands, fists, elbows and sometimes feet, on the whole body.

How It Works How It Works
Reflexology helps the body heal from the inside out. Massage helps the body heal from the outside in.

A reflexologist seldom uses oil or creams, during a reflexology session. The use of oil or creams, while working with your thumbs and fingers, inhibits the sensitivity and manipulation of the reflexes. Corn starch is used instead of oil or creams during reflexology sessions.

A massage therapist usually uses oils and creams on the body to allow manipulation of the muscles and sooth the skin. Sometimes, massage therapist apply specific pressure to what are called trigger points in the body; however, this is not reflexology.

Mutual Respect
Reflexologists highly respect massage therapists for their ability to also help the body’s muscles tone and to relax. You will find that many massage therapist are also reflexologists, and that many reflexologists that are massage therapists.

When comparing the benefits of reflexology or a massage, the person must know what level or condition of health the body is in.

For local muscle relaxation, an entire body massage is extremely effective. Massage helps reduce muscular tension and helps with the circulation to these muscles. Different from a foot massage, reflexology activates certain areas of the parasympathetic nervous system, that allow for total body relaxation, which leads to balance of all external and internal systems of the body!

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