What Diseases Can Be Treated By Reflexology

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Reflexology for Your Health

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The human body has the total ability to heal itself! Cellular rejuvenation and its process at the molecular level continue to amaze and excite doctors, scientist and researchers alike. Through continued study and knowledge, most reflexologists fully understand and comprehend that the body sends strong signals through certain paths or avenues, which are hidden within the body and allow cellular renewal.

While these signals connect to the healing process, they also reveal areas of weakness that might need additional support. Through the use of reflexology, these specific signals are activated and sent. Hence, by directing the body’s internal language to particular areas that are in need of this support, we can allow the body to naturally heal.

Relax the Mind, Relax the Body
To a client or recipient of reflexology, reflexology is only one half of the healing partnership. The will to overcome disease must come from the recipient’s positive view on knowing and accepting that total healing of the body is a natural process and state. Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension. Reflexology’s primary use is for the reduction, elimination and release of stress on the nervous system. Reflexology works by relaxing tension, sending signals of support and unblocking stagnated energy in specific areas of the body, which allows the healing process to begin.

The human body is a delicately balanced machine that is synergetic, everything works together for the benefit of all. We can compare the body to a racing machine that works best when it is in tune. Each part functions at its peak. All parts working in harmony to make the machine work at its optimum capability.

Keeping the Body in Balance
When we speak about health according to our own bodies, we make reference to equilibrium and balance. The word mostly used and referred to today by most health practitioners is homeostasis, which comes from the Greek language.

Reflexology’s ability to improve nerves and blood supply is highly praised in maintaining your glands and organs working at its maximum functioning level.

The organs and glands contribute to the overall well being of the body, each making contributions to maintain an efficient, fully operating mechanism. All of the organs and glands receive their instructions from the most intricate of all networks, the nervous system.

Our nervous system is composed of a network of nerves. These nerves are cord like structures, comprised of a collection of nerve fibers that convey impulses between a part of the central nervous system and other regions of the body. Nerves are basically the wiring system of the house we call our body. As with any complex wiring system, a short circuit can mean trouble.

A short circuit is often caused by tension putting pressure on a vital nerve plexus or even a single nerve structure supplying a vital organ.

As tension is eased, pressure on the nerves and vessels are relaxed, thus improving the flow of blood and its oxygen-rich nutrients to all parts of the body. Reflexology helps the glands and organs return to normal and reduce their over activity.

It is important to know that the normalization action of reflexology is never one of an opposite extreme. In other words, once balance of a normal condition of health is achieved it cannot be unbalanced by working the area to much.

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