Anal Itching and Anal Fissure
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Anal itching might seem like a small problem in terms of overall health, but at the same time, it’s very annoying. It mostly occurs in men, and the concrete reasons behind anal itching have not been completely identified yet.
Anal itching is also known as Pruritus ani. Some of the basic causes of anal itching are excess moisture, pressure created due to sitting for long hours, and abrasions produced by clothing and activity. Since anal itching is one of the most common disorders faced by a huge portion of the population, there are a large number of home remedies and possible treatments that can provide you with some relief.

Regular treatment of anal itching differs from person to person depending on the fundamental cause of the problem. Some of the most common treatments include adopting self care measures, changing your diet and treatment of any underlying infections or conditions. Specific medication is also a vital component of the treatment plan. OTC ointment containing Preparation H and Cortaid can be used to reduce anal itching and inflammation. Ointments which contain zinc oxide are also great ways to relieve the itching and irritation.

However, various home remedies can actually help people obtain relief from anal itching in a very short time. Remedies for anal itching includes using petroleum jelly, regularly wiping the affected area, using damp toilet paper, not using scented soaps or steroid creams, controlling your stress and managing your diet.

Home Remedies for Anal Itching
Petroleum Jelly:
This is the quickest way to pacify itching, and is widely accepted by leading gastroenterologists. However, this is not reliable for a permanent relief. When you have a flare up of irritation, apply the petroleum jelly carefully to the area and experience almost immediate relief. This will create a lubricated layer between the cheeks of your buttocks, which will reduce friction and irritation, and will create a cooling sensation for the feeling of burning that often accompanies anal itching.

Wipe Yourself Cleanly: 
If you only wipe your anus after bowel movements, the skin can become delicate and it may lead to irritation, so regularly wipe the area to build up tougher skin. After a bowel movement, make sure that there are traces of stool on the toilet paper. If you don’t wipe yourself well, it may lead to severe itching and reddening of the anus. Also, leaving any fecal matter on the skin can result in infection or bad odor. A good tip is to wipe yourself after showering as well as after bowel movements, to build up the toughness or durability of that sensitive skin so it is less prone to inflammation.

Stress Control: 
Relieving or managing your stress is one of the best and easiest ways to overcome anal itching. It not only relieves you from itching, but also gives you mental rest. Stress and chronic anxiety can affect the hormones all over your body, which can impact your nerve endings in a variety of ways. Although the exact mechanism of stress in terms of anal itching is not necessarily known, the two have been indirectly associated.

Diet Control:
If you are suffering from anal itching, you should avoid soda, liquor, beer, and beverages rich in Vitamin-C. You should also skip over spicy foods and those also high in vitamin-C content. Avoid them for at least two weeks, and then reintroduce these food items gradually. If and when you start consuming those foods again, pay attention to what may cause any new itching according to what you’ve recently eaten or drunk. If you find that one specific food seems to result in a flare up, you may have a slight allergy to it, and you can be aware in the future of eating that food, or at least take precautions against it when you do consume it.

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